How to choose the right size of pom poms?

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Pom poms are an integral part of every good cheerleader's outfit. Here's a short article on how not to get lost in the selection process and choose the right pom poms for your team. We wish you a pleasant reading.

The first important piece of information is that we have resized the pom poms. You will no longer find sizes 4 ", 6", 8" and 10" on our e-shop, but sizes S, M, L, XL. Size S is the smallest size available in our shop. It's the size where the radius of the ball is approximately 10 cm (this means that the length of the strips from the middle to the end is 10 cm). These pom poms are especially suitable for the littlest girls (peewees). Due to their light weight, they are also suitable for fast choreographies. However, if the pompoms are to be used only as a decoration of the costume and no complex choreography is to be practised with them, even small children can have large pompoms.

The next size is size M. The length of the stripes from the middle to the end of the pom is 15 cm in this size. The diameter of the whole ball is therefore 30 cm. This size is the most popular not only among cheerleaders, but also among majorettes. In our e-shop you can also find several pom poms in size L. The length of the strips from the middle to the end is 20 cm in this case. The largest size is size XL. It's the size where stripes from the middle to the end of the pom pom are up to approx. 25 cm long. These sizes are suitable for older children, adults and dance groups. The individual strips of pom poms are ¾" (approx. 1.9 cm) wide and you could count up to 1000 of them in one pom. We deliver them already rolled up, in the form of a ball. As soon as you take them out of the box, you can go perform! :) 

Final tip: also consider what costume the kids will be wearing. If you want the costume to stand out, choose smaller poms. Larger pom poms will cover a large part of the costume :)

Summary of size


Old size



Suitable for



10 cm

20 cm

Younger children, adults



15 cm

30 cm

Older children, adults



20 cm

40 cm

Older children, adults



25 cm

50 cm

Older children, adults