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An article about competitions we have been to and competitions you will meet us at.

On the last weekend in March, after a very long time, we finally visited the Prague Cheer Open, which we were looking forward to because we could finally meet you - our customers - in person. There were an incredible number of you at our shop throughout the day, for which we are extremely grateful! PCO2022 also included a performance of the Czech national team, which you could support by purchasing TCR products at our shop. 

Last Saturday, some of you went to Pardubice for the Pardubice Cheer Open. We were not there with our shop, but even that did not stop us from supporting the competition. Similarly to the Prague Cheer Open, we contributed small prizes for individual categories. Who took something from us?

Anyway, we look forward to seeing you again soon! And not just once. On Sunday 15th of May 2022 we will meet in Prague's Slavia - Eden hall for another competition. Specifically, it is the United Cheer Cup, where you can look forward to our shop again. This time we will also allow you to reserve products in advance to make sure that what you are interested in, we will actually bring to Prague :) We will follow the competition and keep our fingers crossed for all participants. In June, we will have our last competition and you can guess that it will be the Czech Republic Championship in sports cheerleading.


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