We are going to make your uniform dreams come true! Every team wants to have an original, affordable and comfortable cheer uniform. That is exactly our goal!

Pink-white-black sample uniform with a removable mesh to cover your belly
Uniforms we made for team Brno Tigers
Sample uniform in black color with teal and beutiful rhinestone details

It is necessary to have at least a little idea of ​​how your uniforms should look like. You can show us photos of any team you like (you can find a lot of inspiration on the internet), or even hand-drawn pictures will work. We will then help you prepare a specific design.

We can customize the uniforms to your liking, even in small ways. You can choose a mesh tank top that simply covers your tummy. If necessary, simply remove the tank top and you have a two-piece uniform with an exposed belly back. 

                                                                                  Black Angels uniform with white and purple details and a mesh on the sleeves. Clear rhinestones complement this beautiful design. Pictured with removable mesh on belly.                      Black Angels uniform with white and purple details and a mesh on the sleeves. Clear rhinestones complement this beautiful design.

It is important to begin the preparation process in advance so we can fine-tune the product to perfection. Expect at least three months-long process before the production itself, including the manufacturing of the sample, if you do not have an exact idea yet. If you already have your design prepared in mind or on paper/in digital, we can finish the whole process within eight weeks. It also depends on the season - in main season the manufacturers are very busy so even making the sample can take more than 4 weeks after the design is finished.

Important information:

- Based on your ideas, we will prepare the design of your future uniform - completely free of charge

- We will prepare the price offer for your uniform and for your sample based on the complexity of your design

- Any following design modifications are subject to a charge of EUR 20 per 1 hour excl. VAT 21%

- The manufacturing price of each additional sample is determined individually according to the given design. We can either send you a picture or ship it to you physically, in which case the shipping fees are on you as well.

- We have a sizing table according to which your team will choose the sizes of your future uniforms. You can also borrow a sizing set from us for two weeks with an option to extend the rental period. It is free, but shipping costs are at your own expense

- Unfortunately, we do not make uniforms based customers measures, you should always choose the standard sizes from the size charts and we will be happy to make individual adjustments for you

- It may be necessary to send measurements for the specific parts of uniforms - such as the neck circumference, when designing a shirt with a collar or a cut-out

- Minor adjustments such as sleeve length or overall top length are also possible and free of charge. In this case, we need the exact measurements from you to know how much the standard sizes need to be adjusted

- Once you are ready, we need you to send us a table with all sizing and adjustments information for us to review

- Manufacturing time will run from the moment the table is approved and a deposit of 2/3 of the total price is paid

Contact us for more information. We will agree on all the details together.