Autumn is here and colder days too

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Autumn days are here and even though it's not freezing yet, it's important not to underestimate it and stay warm.

It's a good idea to change not only your outdoor clothes, but also your gym clothes, for other pieces that will keep you warm and comfortable. It is important not to underestimate this phase of the transition from warm days to colder ones, so that you do not end up at home with a cold or flu. Let's get into a few tips for cozy autumn days!

Change short for longer

For team practices, the clothing requirements may be slightly different than for example for gymnastics training. Sometimes it's enough to replace shorts with three-quarter length or long leggings. In our eshop, you can find so called capris in a professional version from the Nfinity brand or in women's sizes in a basic cotton version with the CHEER print - now with a discount.

Legíny a crop topy od značky Swedish Fall

We definitely recommend long leggings from the Swedish Fall brand - they are more expensive, but they make up for it a hundred times over with the comfort you get. They don't slip down, they're warm but never make you feel hot, and they just look great! You can also try their very modern long sleeve crop tops that look amazing!

In our shop, you will also find STUNT and CHEER black cotton leggings, which are be especially liked by children. And if you're looking for something even cuter, check out the beautiful SuperStar leggings with stars!

However, not everyone is comfortable with any of these options. If you like to wear shorts, then we recommend getting sweatpants that you can easily put on and take off, depending on the intensity of the training. This way you will stay warm, even if you are just spotting a stunt or doing a supporting prep in your team's new pyramid.

We mustn't forget the upper part - a training t-shirt complements a sweatshirt perfectly. Whether you're a fan of zipper sweatshirts or hoodies, you'll definitely find something for you here. Right now even at a bargain price! Take a look at the section of children's sweatshirts or sweatshirts for adults.

Mikina Cheerlife

Outlet sale and autumn discounts

From time to time we remove older models or types of textiles from our apparel lines to make room for different or newer products. So, you have the opportunity to pick up some products at great prices!

Last but not least, we have also prepared a nice portion of other discounted products for you, so that you have something to choose from. You can find all discounted products here.