Our custom-made bows are a dream come true, no matter how complex or simple your vision for the design is. Bows are a great part of a uniform that offers endless room for creativity and self-expression.

We make bows in different sizes: not only small, medium and large hair bows on hairbands but also mini bows for shoes, keychains or bows on hair clips. We can make simple bows from a rep ribbon, sparkly or shiny saten bows and decorate them with rhinestones, prints and appliques. Of course, all materials and techniques can be combined.

The manufacturing time depends on the number of ordered pieces. In general, we will be able to produce a maximum of 20 pieces within one week. However, it is always necessary to set deadlines individually due to the availability of materials and the workload in the workshop.

How to order custom bows from us?

  • Based on your ideas, we will design your future bows completely free of charge. We recommend you to already have a clear vision in mind so that the first design is as close to your desired look as possible. This will speed up the whole process
  • We will also make the first sample for free and send you a photo for approval
  • The manufacturing time will run from the moment the sample is approved
  • Of course, we will be happy to make additional pieces for you if needed in the future 

Not sure what design to choose?

We understand that the process of designing bows, uniforms and team equipment in general is complex and timeconsuming and often takes up more time than coaches would like to spend. If you know what your budget is, you can give us some creative freedom and we will suggest possible solutions.

Any other specifications will help us match your taste more precisely. For example, if you know you don't want rhinestones, but would like your team logo on the bow, let us know and we'll customize the designs accordingly.

Sometimes you have to work with a limited budget, but that's okay - you can still have beautiful bows! Less is sometimes more, and even solid color bows with a small detail can complement your uniforms nicely.

Basic options for custom-made bows

Here we offer some basic options and an approximate price. Individual types can of course be combined. The listed prices are not precise, we will always tell you the final price based on a specific request.

  • Plain bow with print, price from 6 to 10 EUR/pc
  • One-color bow with rhinestones, price from 6 to 10 EUR/pc
  • Satin bow with rhinestones, price from 15 to 19 EUR/pc
  • Sparkling bow with print, price from 12 to 17 EUR/pc
  • Sparkling bow with rhinestones, price from 12 to 19 EUR/pc
  • Sublimated ordinary bow, price from 8 to 12 EUR/pc
  • Sublimated satin bow, price from 15 to 19 EUR/pc
  • Sublimated sparkling bow, price from 17 to 20 EUR/piece
  • Sublimated sparkling bow with rhinestones, price from 20 EUR/pc

Contact us for more details. We will agree on all the details together.

You can find more photos of diffent options on the product page for Custom-made bows.

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