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We supported the Czech National Team!

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Article about how we supported the Czech National Team thanks to you, our customers.

We supported the Czech national team!

The Czech national team recently participated in ICU VIRTUAL WORLDS thanks to our support. During the weekend of 18th - 19th September 2021 our national team filmed competition videos for this year's Virtual Worlds, where they took a beautiful 5th place in the Senior Allgirl Elite category and 6th place in the Junior Allgirl Advanced category.

But where did our collaboration begin?

Already in 2019, the Czech National Team's training bows appeared on our e-shop available for order. The design of our tricolour caught the attention of many of you, so we produced over 50 pieces. But these bows were not just a beautiful decoration, because a portion of the bows' price went to support the Czech national team!

Thanks to your orders, 4,320 CZK was raised, which was used to buy equipment for our national team.

But it didn't stop with the training bows.

This year's Czech National Cheer Team competition uniforms were paired with other bows from our workshop. The overall look of our National Team was embellished with simple white bows with the inscription Virtual Worlds 2021. We believe that these bows will remind them of unforgettable cheer moments associated with representing our beautiful country ♥.

In conclusion, we'd like to thank our girls for the great representation and congratulations for the achievements. We believe that our cooperation will continue and we will be able to support the Czech national team.


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